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Thank-you for Your Response

Thank-you for your response, we will publish the results shortly! Since Manitoba Forward launched last week, the response from Manitobans like you has been overwhelming. We've had civil servants tell us they're tired of workplace bullying by the NDP. We've had small business owners make donations wanting a strong economy so their kids will want to work and live in our beautiful province. 

But the reality is, we'll never have the resources of the big NDP machine. That's why we need our ads to be seen by more people.

We're close to being able to double our ad campaign but we need your help. With a donation of $25 or more we can increase our ad budget and make sure the NDP don't win the next election.

If you prefer to donate by cheque, please email executivedirector@manitobaforward.ca to make arrangements. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to best hold government accountable, Manitoba Forward does not accept taxpayer subsides of any kind. As such, you will not receive a tax receipt for donations to Manitoba Forward.