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Manitoba Hydro is a Crown Corporation with the mission "to provide for the continuance of a supply of energy to meet the needs of the province and to promote economy and efficiency in the development, generation, transmission, distribution, supply and end-use of energy." Now, the Pallister government is proposing to create a Crown Corporation called "Efficiency Manitoba" with the mission of "energy conservation." 

One government business to meet Manitobans' energy needs and another government business to stifle the province's ability to meet them. 

That sounds like the definition of inefficiency. It will also translate into increased energy bills for Manitoba families. 

MLA Steven Fletcher is a brave and lone voice opposing his own party's misguided attempt to set up an energy conservation crown corporation when one already exists.

We ask Premier Brian Pallister and his government not to create a new crown corporation, bringing more bureaucracy if not confusion and costs for ratepayers for no good purpose.

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